RIA Retro Risk

We are proud to be the first online retailer to introduce the new "Risk It All" ski goggles from Norway, the land of the midnight sun. Norway has some of the best skiing in the world and with it's mountainous country and harsh climate, it's been the ultimate testing ground for developing these goggles. They have everything you will expect from a pair of high performance ski goggles; double cylindrical lens, anti-scratch, permanent anti-fog and much more.

The lens is grey with a silver mirror effect on the outside. The goggles also come with a detachable nose protector.

Color: Ash Grey


  • Matte ash grey frame
  • Double spherical PC grey silver mirror lens
  • Outer lens is anti-scratch and inner CA lense is permanent anti-fog
  • Embroidered Jacquard strap
  • Triple layer foam with soft black fleece
  • Detachable nose protector
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