The Puppy Kids Jumpsuit

Das Nächstbeste nach einer Umarmung mit einem süßen Hundewelpen ist unser neuer Puppy Jumpsuit, einer unserer weichsten Styles überhaupt! Ziehe ihn immer dann an, wenn du einfach rundum geknuddelt werden willst.

Farbe: Pink

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  • 100% polyester
  • Front two way zipper closure
  • Front kangaroo pockets
  • Closable hood
  • Side pockets
  • Logo embroidery on chest and back
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    Customer reviews


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    würde dieses Produkt weiterempfehlen

    Gro R.

    My granddaughter just loves It!
    A really cozy, soft, warm and comfy jumpsuit! My granddaughter just loves It and wants to wear It all the time.

    Product fit: Klein

    Gender: Female

    Quality of item: Excellent


    My daughter loves it!
    I have had the puppy jumpsuits for years and my daughter has wanted one so bad but the adult version was too big, she is 10 but small for her age. Finally, I saw a kids version and got her pink, grey, and navy ones for Christmas but I gave her one of them on Christmas eve so she had one for Christmas pics and videos. She ended up wearing it the whole day from opening presents to church service which turned some heads lol and then also driving to visit family after. Then she wore it for 2 more days before I had to make her take it off and shower. Since then she wears them all the time and even wore one to school on pajama day. She likes to shower right after school and with it being winter she puts one on after and wears it the whole night. It's funny I found out she hasn't even been wearing underwear with them, but I understand because the inside is super soft and fuzzy haha! Over all she loves them!

    Product fit: Klein

    Gender: Female

    My Usual size: XL

    Size purchased: L

    Quality of item: Excellent