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5 ways to spend your Easter in lockdown | Onepiece

5 ways to spend Easter in lockdown

We're not going to lie, this Easter bank holiday may not be the best one you'll ever have, but here's a few ways to make it a little less dull...

1. Make some mood-boosting playlists 

When you're in need of a mood boost, Spotify is your best friend. Create different playlists to match your mood and activity. In charge of Easter Sunday lunch? Throw on our Cozy Cooking Tunes playlist. Fancy a long lie in? Tune in to our Stay in Bed playlist.

2. Listen to a podcast series

Having a long soak in the tub? Stick on a Podcast. We're currently listening to Joe Exotic: Tiger King (if watching him on Netflix isn't quite enough). If you fancy a giggle, take a trip down memory lane with former Scrubs co-stars and real-life bessies, Zach Braff and Donald Faison in ther latest show, Fake Doctors, Real Friends. 

3. Take on a TikTok dance challenge

Making TikTok videos is the new going out. We're loving @waynebrady's family dance routines in his Onepiece jumpsuit! If you're living with family right now, pull in your parents to undertake a simple dance challenge with you using #pullinparents.

4. Host a virtual house party

Have you experienced a Zoom birthday or a Houseparty Hangout yet? Why not rummage your cupboards for some basic cocktail ingredients, throw on your onesie and host a virtual party! Find a live DJ set on Instagram and turn it up for all your friends to dance to! You could even throw in some classic drinking games to really get the party started...

5. Binge a Netflix series (in your onesie)

Struggling to decide what Netflix series to binge next? We're obsessed with Ozark (if you haven't watched before, you've got 3 series to enjoy), starring Jason Bateman. His character, Marty Byrde is a financial advisor who finds himself relocating his family from Chicago to the Ozark mountains in Missouri. The reason? He's got himself involved with a dodgy money-laundering scheme for Mexican cartels that he's having difficulty disentangling himself from. Fast-paced and incredibly bingeable. 

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