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Our Top 5 Tips For Working From Home I Onepiece

Our Top 5 Tips For Working From Home

Our best tips and advice for people working from home.

Whether you’re all by yourself (#singleandnotabletomingle), with a beloved one (naaw) or a family that is driving you crazy (#remembertobreathe), here’s some advice for you:


Tip no. 1: Continue with your daily habits

Daily habits keep the wheels moving. They're the small things we do that keeps us sane and fills our days with content. We all know how difficult it is to break a bad habit or enforce a good one. So, if you’ve been really good lately at working out or eating healthily, don’t stop with that now. You'll have to make some alterations, but maybe this is a good time to try something new. Type in “HIIT” on YouTube and try a session. If your daily habit is laying on the couch relaxing, then hey, you do you boo, you do you. A famous philosopher once said: “You shall not pass!” eh, no, that was something else.. I’ll try again: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”. Thanks, Big A, aka Aristotle, for the inspiring words.



Tip no. 2: Learn new stuff

No, no, no! Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you have to be Superwoman/Superman. Just do your thing and enjoy it. However, if you’re so bored that your podcasts, series, movies, books, social media, puzzles, drawing, juggling (what? Juggling is cool…), doesn’t cut it anymore, then sure, learn new stuff. Here’s an actual Masterclass on how to Juggle with three balls.- It’s epic! ;P If you now feel a huge desire to juggle, here are some free courses available on YouTube. Juggle on peeps, juggle on.


If you start now, this could be you in a few years. #goals


Tip no. 3: Create a productive working area

Let’s have a look at some good and bad examples of productive working from home areas. It is very important that you have a good setup so that you can focus and get in the zone!


Tip no. 4: Spread some joy

While you’re working from home you have certain freedoms. You can sleep in a bit longer, you can wear whatever you want and you can make private conversations during office hours. How often have you called one of your parents, someone else in your family or a good friend while at work? Maybe you have a laid-back boss and you do it all the time, we don’t know, but the case we’re making here is that a quick phone call to someone you care about is a great way of spreading some joy! And the awesome thing about doing nice things is that it makes you feel great as well! Therefore, pick up the phone, make that call and enjoy some good karma.


Good vibes all the way! 


Tip no. 5: Look the part

No point in sitting around in a shirt and jeans, right? Join the loungewear party with our bestselling onesie styles. Guarateed to keep you and the family comfy and cheerful day in, day out.


Take care and good luck with working from home! 

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