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Kim Kardashian gets cozy in Onepiece for the holiday season

Kim Kardashian wears Onepiece Jumpsuits on Instagram

Kim Kardashian West gets cozy for the holidays in her Onepiece jumpsuits.

Feeling festive, KKW was spotted on Instagram Story on December 14 lounging in the Red Velour Jumpsuit. The fashion icon, known to make a statement with her outfit changes, swapped her plush onesie for the classic Aviator Jumpsuit in black.

Kim, who has been a fan of the brand for years, loves to wear her jumpsuits on off-duty moments. It's not the first time we've seen Kim in Onepiece; she hosted a girls' night at home in matching black jumpsuits on social media. From classic onesies to on-trend jumpsuits, Kim shows us how she wears Onepiece for absolute comfort.

Scroll to see Kim Kardashian's favorite onesies for this holiday season. Get inspired for family gifts or the jumpsuit you need to keep you warm all winter. All her jumpsuits are unisex, perfect for the men and women in your family.


Lorde wears Onepiece on tour


Lorde wearing Onepiece backstage during her European tour. 

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