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Top 3 short jumpsuits for summer

Top 3 short jumpsuits for summer

Summer's coming, which means it's officially time to lose the layers and jump into our short jumpsuit range. Here's our top 3 selected styles to see you through the season...

Original Short Jumpsuit

1) Stay classic, with the one and only Original Short Jumpsuit - stylish, lightweight, and perfect for warmer summer days!


Onepiece x Towel Club Jumpsuit

2) Who needs towels or bathrobes if you can have a Onepiece x Towel Club Jumpsuit? Made out of 100% cotton towel terry, you’ll be dressed and dried within minutes!

Bandana Pride Jumpsuit

3) Pride month is approaching - why not show your support with our Bandana Pride Jumpsuit? The best part about it, 10% of every sale will be donated to LGBT Foundation. Be stylish and do something good!

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