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World Championship in Dødsing

World Championship in Dødsing

Onepiece x Towel Club were proud sponsors of the 2021 World Championship in Dødsing a.k.a Death Diving. 


You might be thinking "Death Diving, what the hell is that?". And yeah, we can be the first to admit that even though this was the World Championship, it's a very Norwegian sport. 

This is how it works:

Step 1: Find a cliff, a bridge, or any other height that makes you feel sick where you can jump into water. 

Step 2: Run and jump.

Step 3: Do a fancy trick and lay flat with your stomach facing the rapidly approaching water for as long possible. Quickly turn into a shrimp like posture before breaching the surprisingly hard fluid surface. 

Step 4: Pretend you're not in pain and do it again! 

Check out our movie from the event here: 


The jumpsuits from our very popular collaboration with Towel Club is of course the perfect outfit after a freakishly scary Death Dive, or any other water activity really. 


This sport will grow and we'll be there for the journey. 

If you feel inspired: have fun and keep it safe!

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