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Onepiece Looks of the Week Sprinter Edition


As seen on Instagram: our round up of fave looks in the sporty Sprinter Range...

Ruxandra (left) in the Sprinter jumpsuit black and Alex (right) in the black Sprinter pants.

Carol and Mira Ennen get cozy at home in their burgundy Sprinter jumpsuits.

Matthew Boson takes a break in the black Sprinter jumpsuit. Alex Pais wears the black Sprinter pants.

Martz in the Sprinter jumpsuit black, and Barbara in the Sprinter jumpsuit blue.

Elena Carrière in the burgundy Sprinter tee, and Danielle Herrington in the matching cardigan. Andra takes her burgundy jumpsuit outdoors.

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Kim Kardashian gets cozy in Onepiece for the holiday season

Kim Kardashian wears Onepiece Jumpsuits on Instagram

Kim Kardashian West gets cozy for the holidays in her Onepiece jumpsuits.

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