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You get a base of $/€ 15 by sharing #socialcurrency on Twitter and Facebook.
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What's Onepiece?

Onepiece is a contemporary lifestyle brand specializing in high-end leisurewear. We are perhaps mostly known for being the creators of the Original Jumpsuit, and the catalyst for the global onesie phenomenon that has blown over the globe the past years.

We create comfortable yet confident wear with premium fit and top shelf materials.

At Onepiece, we take comfort seriously. We believe it is a cornerstone in most achievements, and an imminent factor for success. Without being comfortable with who you are and what you're in, you simply can’t do your best. Thus we believe; comfort brings confidence.

What is Social Currency?

Customers worldwide will be able to log on to onepiece.com and sync their social media accounts to the Onepiece ambassador system. Once synced, The platform will calculate your following across all linkable platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Pinterest and YouTube) and determine their total social following. The system will then convert this number into a dollar amount, where every 500 followers is equal to $1. The discount is added straight to your shopping cart and you can complete your purchase. Through the use #SocialCurrency, it is possible to earn up to $170 to use towards your online purchases at www.Onepiece.com

Facebook only lets us calculate the following you have on your pages that you administrate and not your friends on your private profile.

Why is Onepiece giving away “free” stuff?

Onepiece has its own ambassador program called 'The PieceKeepers”. The program is powered by a platform called Brandbassador.com.

We want to connect with our customers and let them spread the word of Onepiece to their friends and social following.

By becoming a brand ambassador for Onepiece you can share discount codes for our products online (meaning you´ll get commission when someone is using your unique discount code to purchase from onepiece.com) take part in social media missions that Onepiece create and earn cash, gift cards and free stuff.

On the Brandbassador.com platform you can also work with other brands.

How long will this campaign last?

Since we are giving away stuff “for free” in this campaign and we don’t know how many people who will participate, Onepiece reserves the right to end the campaign at any time. We are giving $1 in discount for every 500 followers, so we have to make sure that this campaign does not get totally out of hand.

Will you post anything on my social media?

No, we will not post anything on your social media accounts and by signing up to ambassador program Onepiece only retrieves your public information.

What is brandbassador?

Brandbassador.com is a brand ambassador platform that lets people interact with brands they choose. The platforms lets you create discount codes that you can share to your friends and social following and earn commission on all the sales that are generated with the code you share. You can also take part in missions and other activations that the brands invite you to that lets you earn gift card, cash, free products and much more. Check out www.brandbassador.com for more information.

What happens if I use SocialCurrency?

First of all you get a discount on your purchase at onepiece.com. By registering you sign up as an ambassador for Onepiece that gives you access to our ambassador platform called the PieceKeeper.