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Aviator Onesie

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There’s a reason why Top Gun still soars like an F-14A Tomcat: the style. While it’s true that military-inspired looks are timeless, Maverick took it to first-class level. Our classic Aviator Jumpsuit in green exudes effortless cool, with our own take on the famous movie quote on the reverse.

Made from 100% premium cotton, features cargo leg pockets and a buttoned waist tightener to suit all body shapes.

Color: Green

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Every Order = 1 Tree Planted

The tree planting operations provide crucial income to local communities.

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  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Two-way YKK® quality metal zipper
  • Cargo pockets on the legs
  • Embroidered logo on chest and neck
  • Multiple patches and a back print
  • Adjustable waistband with popper fasteners
  • This is a unisex product with unisex fit. Vetle is 188cm and wearing size M. Bianca is 175cm and wearing size XS.
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    About this product's impact

    When you buy this product, mangrove trees are planted on your behalf in either Madagascar, Mozambique, or Kenya. This gives crucial income to local villagers so they can provide for their families.

    Mangrove forests are essential coastal ecosystems. They store four times as much carbon as even tropical rainforest, making them an important tool to mitigate climate change.

    The trees are planted by Eden Reforestation Projects.

    You can track your impact, after purchase, on a dashboard provided by Verdn.